What We Do

Founded in December of 2000, the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust holds 86 conservation easements on 234,989 acres of ranchland. Additional conservation easements are being negotiated throughout the state. To learn more about conservation easements click here.

The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust works to ensure that Wyoming’s farms and ranches continue to be viable for agricultural production. By conserving Wyoming farms and ranches we also conserve the history, culture and economy of Wyoming.

We build relationships with other land trusts, state agencies, interest groups, and private funders to obtain funding and complete projects which meet the goal of conserving Wyoming ranchland and open spaces for future generations.

Partnership of Rangeland Trusts

The Stock Growers Land Trust is a proud member of the Partnership of Rangeland Trusts (PORT), a group of agricultural-focused state associations. Only one statewide land trust is eligible for PORT membership and we are proud to serve in this role. For more information visit www.maintaintherange.org.