Fiscal Year 2012 – 2013 Donors

Admiral Beverages, Inc
John and Claire Alexander
Leron and Rosalyn Allred
Anadarko Petroleum Corp.
Brad Andres and Heather Johnson
John and Judy Andrikopoulos
Tom Arthur
Axiom Consulting Partners
Badwater Ranch, Inc.
Jody and Suellen Bagley
Patrick and Shari Baird
Burke and Carole Baker
Merlyn and Virginia Ballinger
Paul F. Balser
Bank of Star Valley
Alan and Gayle Barnett
Nancy Bath
Berger Ranches
Bob and Rosie Berger
Tyler Bergien
Joel and Gail Bernstein
Budd and Emily Betts
Big Bale Company
Big Goose Ranch
Blair Hotels
Richard and Ann Boelter
Chuck and Laurie Box
Richard and Cheryl Bressler
Greg and Sharon Brondos
T. Stan and Claire Brooks
Bruce and Teresa Brown
Brush Creek Ranch
Burns Insurance
Bonnie Cannon
Kim and Susie Cannon
Carol Chidsey
Chuck and Muriel Chidsey
Pam Chrisman
Clark Country Ranch, LLC
Bill and Story Clark
Clarks Forks Foundation
CM Ranch
John and Sonja Collamer
Jerry and Pam Cooper
Stan Cooper
Cora Valley Angus Ranch
Hal Corbett
Coyote Cowboy Company
Arnold Cunningham
D.A. Davidson
Charles and Eleanor Dana
Davis & Cannon
Holly Davis
Don and Anita Delong
Joe and Donna Dereemer
Larry and Susannah Detrick
Devils Tower KOA
Devon Energy Corporation
Pamela Dewell
Barbara H. Dilts
Marietta Dinneen
Pete Dittmar
Dan and Kim Dockstader
Rita Donham and Jamie Burgess
Micheal and Beverly Dowling
Ogden and Zannie Driskill
H. Benjamin and Laurette Duke
Sandra Durif
Mark and Trudy Eisele
Ellbogen Property Management
Ellis Public Affairs
Donald and Laura Ellis
Fred and Karen Emerich
Encana Oil & Gas USA
Chuck and Mary Engebresten
Brian and Annie Espenscheid
Howard and Nina Ewart
Failoni Land and Livestock
Farm Credit Services of America
Bill and Karen Ferguson
Encana Oil & Gas USA
Terry and Valerie Fieseler
First Interstate BancSystem Foundation
First Interstate Bank
First National Bank
Sara Flitner and Bill Wotkyns
John and Gaylynn Flocchini
Ryan Ford
David Foreman
Reg and Laurie Forster
Fremont Motors
Foster and Lynn Friess
Gates Frontiers Fund
Georgene Lebar Charitable Trust
Marcia Gladstone
Joe Glode and Julie Evans
Robert Gonet
Wally and Nancy Goodwin II
Gooseberry Creek Ranch, LLC
Gordon Ranch
Matt Breene
Chuck and Cheryl Greenhawt
Gretchen Swanson Family Foundation, Inc
Grindstone Cattle Company
David and Marilyn Grover
Robert and Patricia Haigh
Roy and Susan Haines
Hampton Inn & Suites
Cheri C. Harriet
Phillip and Paula Harris
Douglas Hart and Harriet Corbett
Barbara Hauge
Mike Healy
James and Margaret Hearne
Heart of the Rockies Initiative
Hellyer Limited Partnership
Rob and Leslie Hendry
Henry and Sue Hewitt
Hickey and Evans, LLP
William U. Hill
Theo and Dawn Hirshfeld
Gary and Linda Holsan
Bernie Holz
Hotel Wolf
Stan and Lillian Hovendick
George and Paula Hunker
Ray and Debbie Hunkins
Indian Springs Ranch
Lee and Peg Isenberger
IXL Ranch
J Bar 9 Ranch
J/N Mercantile
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Juli James
Johnson County Cattlemen’s Association
Johnson County Wollgrowers Association
Rod and Mackie Johnson
Amy Katt
Harold and Christine Kemp
Donald Kendall
Jon and Dianne Kirkbride
KL Cattle Co. – Mowry Ranch, Inc.
Knobloch Family Foundation
Jerry and Linda Kraft
Jarren and Tara Kuipers
L. Patton Kline Family Foundation
Land Trust Alliance
Creed and Clarene Law
Libbey Foundation
Jason and Linda Lillegraven
Alan and Linda Linford
Jim and Janet Listen
Little America Hotel Resort, Cheyenne
Little Denmark Foundation
Livewater Properties
Kelly and Elizabeth Lockhart
Kim and Mary Kay Love
Kevin and Judy Lund
John and Susie Lunt
Lawrence and Beatrice Lunt
William and Mae-Lyn Lunt
Luthi & Voyles, LLC
Randall Luthi
Anne MacKinnon
John and Cathy MacPherson
Forrest E. Mars
Dicksie May and Leigh Friedrichs
McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP
Hugh H. McGee
George McIlVaine
Gwyn McKee and William Winland
Robert and Lyniece McKim
John and Kathleen McKinely
Bill and Nancy Miller
Dale and Mira Miller
Mirr Ranch Group
Mishurda Mountain Ranches
Reid and Linda Murchison
Madeleine Murdock
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Mary Neese
New Frontiers Ranches, Inc.
Art E. Nicholas
Jim Nielson and Anne Young
Office of Susan H. Kallmeyer
One Bar Eleven Ranch
Bud O’Neill
Overland Trail Cattle Co., LLC
Padlock Ranch
Anne Pendergast
Alan Peryam
Peterson Appraisal Co.
Hank Phibbs and Leslie Peterson
Mantha Phillips
Platte Valley Bank
Power Company of Wyoming, LLC
Property Group Partners
Luther Propst and Elizabeth Storer
Ed and Nancy Prosser
Purdy Family Foundation
Purdy Ranch
Robert and Jean Quenon
Ranchland Trust of Kansas
Rawlins National Bank
Linda Raynolds
Bart and Liz Rea
Red Mountain Ranch
Carole Richie
Jeptha Richie
Norman Richie
Andrew Robsinson
Rocky Mountain Power Co.
Saratoga Auto Glass
Saratoga Resort & Spa
Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber
Karen Schalk
Marlowe Sherbel
Tony and Linda Schiffer
Jim Schwartz
Paul and Beverly Schwieger
Scully Ranch, John Scully Revocable Trust
Marianne Shenefelt
Ruth Shepherd
Jim and Christine Shore
Silver Sage Gallery
Alan and Ann Simpson
James and Karol Slater
Nels and Jeanette Smith
Sommers Herefords, LLC
Sommers Ranch, LLC
Will and Susan Speer
Horton and Juli Spitzer
State of Wyoming
John and Kathy Steil
Press and Shirley Stephens
Dennis and Peggy Sun
Tracy and Liz Swanson
Bob and Suzanne Taylor
The Brooks Foundation
The Conservation Fund
The Country Store
The Dowling Foundation
The Fanwood Foundation
The Nicholas Fund at The San Diego Foundation
The Plains Hotel
The Robert & Emilie Betts Foundation
The Wrangler
Thirty One Bar Co.
Stanley and Betty Joe Thompson
John and Mary Kay Turner
Upper North Platte Valley Water Conservation Assocation
Valley Foods and Liquor- Valley Floral
Boyd Van Fleet
Miriam Jill Walsh
Ward Ranch, LLC
Warren Livestock Company
Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Foundation, Inc.
Jerry T. Webb
Robert and Anita West
Western United Realty
Tim and Jodi White
Al Wiederspahn and Cynthia Lummis
Ron Wild
Robert and Susan Wilson
Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation
Wood River Ranch, LLC
Wooden Boat River Tours
Sidney Woods
Wyoming Bank and Trust
Wyoming Livestock Roundup
Wyoming Stock Growers Association
Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust
Wyoming Wildlife The Foundation
Wyoming Workforce Development
Jack and Nancy Zeller

We apologize for any mistakes or omissions. Please contact us with the correct information so we can correct our records and thank you more appropriately.


In Honor of Dr. John
-Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Duke, III

Legacy Society
- John and Susie Lunt
- Fred and Catherine Kusel
- Pamela Dewell