About Us

Mission Statement

The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust is dedicated to conserving Wyoming’s working family ranches and farms and the wide-open spaces, natural habitats, and rural communities they support.


The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust was founded by a general membership vote of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association in December 2000. Our establishment was based on a growing need within the ranching community to provide voluntary, private-sector options for agricultural land conservation. We became a federally registered charitable organization in July 2001.

Our objectives are accomplished through conservation easements, increasing awareness of tools to maintain ranchlands, and assisting in research for new opportunities to conserve working agricultural landscapes.

We are different

We are different from other land conservation organizations operating throughout the state. The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust:

  1. Is the Cowboy State’s first Wyoming-based, statewide land conservation organization.
  2. Focuses specifically on conserving ranchlands and ranching operations.
  3. Maintains a board of directors composed primarily of agricultural producers who have a first-hand understanding of ranching and community issues.
  4. Is affiliated with the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, a trusted advocate for the state’s agricultural community.